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This week's Weekly Special is all about Spyderco​.

Sal Glesser founded Spyderco in 1978, primarily to make and sell his triangular version of Louis Graves' Crock Stick ceramic sharpener. My first knowledge of the company came after Sal had already designed and introduced several folding knives which he was having produced in Japan. I remember thinking, and probably telling Sal, that his knives were the ugliest I had ever seen. None the less, I included them in an A. G. Russell™ catalog. Much to my surprise, they sold like hotcakes.

What made Sal's knives ugly, to my mind, is exactly what made his designs important. The most important was his idea of putting a pocket clip on the side of the knife. What a revolutionary thing that has been. The number of knives made each year with a clip of some sort must be in the multi-millions. The Patent Office said it was so obvious anyone would have thought of it, but no one did until Sal. Sal is a canny business man who has taken the idea of a clip for convenient carry and a thumb hole for easy opening and built one of the best known knife companies in the world.

We began to offer Spyderco knives in the 1980s and can always count on the quality of any knife Spyderco produces. Whatever your opinion on how they look, you have to admit Spydercos feel good in the hand and are always made with quality. To many, they have become beautiful.

For knives other than what we have included in this special, take a look at We always try to have a good selection including the latest models on our website and in inventory.